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Inops Phone Care Tool

INOPS Phone Care is an easy-to-use, cost effective application to help end user or employees to manage their Unified Communications environment for handling simple inquiries, for example managing voicemail credentials, configuring call forward, Name Changes etc. This application can drastically reduce the daily occurrences of end-user ticket incidents that would need the involvement of a helpdesk and technical resource time. This in effect saves time for both the support staff and the end users, effectively increasing the productivity of the organization.Compatible with Cisco UC version 8.x and later

It effortlessly manages all these various tasks and enables users to help themselves while freeing up precious expert resource bandwidth.

Key Benefits

Self help tool for end user

Reduces helpdesk tickets

Allows FAC (force authentication code) changest

Product Features

  1. Phone PIN and Voice Mail PIN reset
  2. Line Text Label change
  3. Display Name change
  4. Alerting Name change
  5. Forced Authorization Codes (FAC) reset.
  6. Call forward All settings (Voice mail or Number)
  7. Extension Mobility login/logout


INOPS Phone Care is licensed based on the number of users configured on CUCM and the No. of CUCM clusters that needs to be supported.Maintenance and support subscription ensures compatibility with new Cisco releases
  • 1 year subscription Model
  • Stand Alone pack – Stand-alone CUCM
  • Professional Model – up to 2 CUCM Clusters
  • Enterprise Model – up to 5 CUCM Clusters

Product Brochure

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