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Inops Config Management Tool

The Configuration Management Suit for Cisco Unified Communication Manager cluster saves time by automatically producing customized reports in minutes about whole cluster configuration changes, Phone Asset, End Point status, Inventories along with 24/7 user level security Audit log tracking on day to day configuration changes.The tool reports and track (highlight) any CUCM & Gateways configuration changes. Automated, scheduled and filter specific events (such as route plan, CSS, translation pattern changes) which trigger email notifications to administrators. Helpful to manage IP phone Asset and Inventory along with a full log audit capabilities. Cluster level CDR/CMR reports for international Calls, Long distance Call, QoS analysis, Packet loss, Jitter, BHCA, etc.

Key Benefits

Monitor & track UC changes

Supports multi cluster deployment

Security log audit

Product Features

  1. Monitor Track and Alert CUCM and Gateways configuration changes instantly.
  2. Achieve complete Cluster configuration tracking and monitoring via periodic configuration report snapshots.
  3. Cluster independent architecture to manage multi-cluster enterprise environment with single tool.
  4. 24/7 User level server security audit log tracking for Administrators and Vendor.
  5. Managed end users for day to day changes on configuration.
  6. Per cluster CDR and CMR report analysis for international Calls, Long distance Call, QoS analysis, Packet loss , Jitter, BHCA etc
  7. Reports scheduling can be automated during non-peak hours of operations.
  8. Overall Phone Assets and Inventory management.
  9. Trigger email notifications to admins highlighting critical configurations changes made in the cluster.

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